Learning filled shape charts in Tableau

Tableau learning never stops! For Makeovermonday week week 14 Wine production I had in mind using Bora's custom shapes tutorial as per below screen shot.. But I sort of got confused, got stuck with custom shapes, ended up confused, too complicated...and the week went by and forgot about it. While doing research for this weeks... Continue Reading →

Radial Pie Gauge Chart in Tableau

This week Makeover monday the challenge was to visualise data from Titlemax, most profitable companies and how much they make per seconds I decided to learn something new and made a Radial Pie Gauge Chart in Tableau following this excellent tutorial from SuperDataScience. More great tutorials from their sites too. I'm not sure if this type... Continue Reading →

Tableau geometric art experiment

Thanks again to the #makeovermonday community I got inspired by Ken Flerlage work on his 2017 Year of learning post, and more specifically this work on Tableau geometric art. Ken is truly inspirational. I have never seen this done in Tableau before! #Fridayfun, I decided to have a go following the great tutorial from his... Continue Reading →

The world as 100 people

This week for Makeover monday week 48 we were asked to visualise data from 100people.org: The world as 100 people To keep with my Tableau tradition, I decided to learn a new trick. This week I wanted to learn how to make Waffle Charts. I found a  great tutorial from Andy's Tableau tip Tuesday  ... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Cities Mobility Index

For this week Makeover Monday Week 46 we were asked to visualise data from Sustainable Cities Mobility Index (Arcadis report) What I like about this vis: Easy to understand Nice layout What to change: Not sure actually, maybe the green a flags (which aren't city flags) My attempt: As I always try to learn something... Continue Reading →

Life Expectancy at Birth by Country

In this Makeover monday week 45, we were asked to visualise Life Expectancy at Birth by Country data from the World Bank My plan: As I try to learn new Tableau tricks I decided to follow Andy's tutorial to create Small multiple line charts, also adding dynamics labs following this tutorial from the Info Lab... Continue Reading →

Public holidays in the world

This week MakeoverMonday was about to visualise public holidays in the world (data source) This week I have learnt a new Tableau technique: full year calendar heatmap. I was a bit stuck and short of time this week, but took inspiration from Kate Brown's calendar It was quite tricky technically, but with help from the... Continue Reading →

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