Learning filled shape charts in Tableau

Tableau learning never stops!

For Makeovermonday week week 14 Wine production I had in mind using Bora’s custom shapes tutorial as per below screen shot..


But I sort of got confused, got stuck with custom shapes, ended up confused, too complicated…and the week went by and forgot about it.

While doing research for this weeks #makeovermonday Artic Sea Ice, I came across this post from @flerlagekr promoting a blog from his brother @FlerlageKev

Create filled shapes charts – BINGO!


An other Tableau lightbulb moment, YES that’s what I need!

I got cracking and followed steps by steps instructions from Kevin.

The key thing was for me to understand that the background image (wine bottle with a transparent background) was actually sitting on the top of the chart in the dashboard itself – not a custom shape. Then the rest followed quite nicely.

It is a tedious process to align the bar chart with all the bottle image and find the right size, play with color…

Next step if I have some time is to work out how to achieve tool tips.

But I got there at the end

Live Vis: 


Again thanks to 

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