The making of “The Emigrants of the World, 1858, Charles Minard” map in Tableau

Everyone knows Charles Minard (French civil engineer) for his very famous "La carte figurative des pertes successives en hommes de l'armée française dans la campagne de Russie 1812-1813"; in plain English the map shows Napoleon's armies disastrous losses during the Russian campaign. I re-created this map in 2018, I really like this map but also took this as a challenge... Continue Reading →

Moon landing 50th anniversary Tableau Challenge

Moon landing 50th anniversary Tableau Challenge Here are the vizzes, thanks everyone!   Filippo Mastroianni!/vizhome/TotheMoonMars-Historyofspaceexploration/MissionsSchema   Andy Holt!/vizhome/Missionstothemoon/Missionstothemoon   Boglarka Bihari!/vizhome/Luna_15644050266410/Dashboard   Ingrid Arreola!/vizhome/MissiontotheMoon/JourneytotheMoon?publish=yes   Baljinnyam Enkhtur!/vizhome/TableauMoonChallenge/Dashboard1   Kasia Gasiewska-Holc!/vizhome/FlymetotheMoon/FlymetotheMoon   Marco Motta!/vizhome/USAMoonMissions1960-1973/USAMoonMissions   Frederic Fery!/vizhome/DataMoonChallenge-Spaceinvader/Spaceinvaders?publish=yes     The team behind this: Kasia  - @bluedilphia Frederic -... Continue Reading →

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