Viz For Social Good with Sunny Street datathon recap

On 19 March 2020, 35 Brisbane Data enthusiasts got together to help Sunny Street make a bit more sense of their data.

Nova and Sonia from Sunny Street
Nova and Sonia from Sunny Street

This was the very first Viz For Social Good event in Australia, we made history!

Viz for Social Good helps mission-driven organisations to promote social good and understand their own data through beautiful and informative data visualisation.

Sunny Street is changing the world by providing heartfelt healthcare to our community’s most vulnerable people. We need to be able to clearly articulate our social impact to our stakeholders, collaborators and potential sponsors and funding sources.

photo cc: Cogniom


35 data enthusiasts in Zoom
35 data enthusiasts in Zoom – Vanitha in centre woke up at 3am!

Key numbers:

  • 75 people had registered
  • 35 people were on the Zoom session
  • 13 data volunteers presented



Jason Lowe – Submission 35 data enthusiasts in Zoom
David Philpot – Submission


Tony Hartigan – Submission


Sharna Bourke – Submission
Nathan Bowen – Submission


Kelly Harrison – Submission


Robert Buehrig – Submission
Hugh Armitage – Submission
Undrakh – Submission


KeyData team / Wilter Grobler  – Submission


Liam – Submission (TBC)


Marco Motta – Submission


Frederic Fery – Submission

Also a number of global volunteers didn’t present but their work is below:

Jason helped a lot by live posting on Twitter (see Twitter thread) and LinkedIn

Almost live
Almost live


  • Feedback from Sunny Street and volunteers was very positive and everyone is keen to get involved more!

Sunny Street top 5:

Tony Hartigan



Shows the data in the simplest but most appealing way, and really love how he has framed things. Sunny Street Colours, and really with the viewpoint of letting people understand our work and tugging at heartstrings LOVE LOVE LOVE these simple but powerful visualisations
Sharna Bourke



As I said in initial feedback: hit the nail on the head regarding the public health statistics and adding a monetary value to our service vs not having it – really cool. Would love to see more of our data compared with national health priority areas and with a monetary value added.


Samantha Gonsalves



Samantha’s viz has some really interesting stats and some of the most helpful ones are presented very nicely. I like that she is one of the few that focussed on referrals – because when we work together we accomplish lots more! And simple easy to read graphs etc.


Kelly Harrison’s



Kelly Harrison’s viz gave us beautiful insight into volunteer wellbeing and how we can quantify those campfire measures too, which was eye opening. We are very passionate about our volunteer’s loving what they do and being provided everything they need, they shaoe our service – so we love what Kelly has done here


Robert / Cognium’s



Robert / Cognium’s viz is a beautiful visualisation of the Sunny Street Cognium Study. It shows that there is absolute value in continuing to collect this data, and it will go towards shaping what the next set of studies looks like. We also love your work guys!




  • I created a Slack channel that allowed volunteers to ask questions, get feedback, continue the discussion, feel free to join

Next steps

We had a follow up event, 2 April, 5 PM – recording here

This second Zoom event allowed:

  • Sunny Street gave feedback to volunteers, engaged in further discussions, next steps
  • We allowed a couple of extra data enthusiasts to present (that missed the first event)

Now moving on to the next step!

We are exploring the implementation a REAL live Business Intelligence platform for Sunny Street and we need a small group of volunteer to help.

Enter your name in this survey if you want to nominate to be part of the small team to help with  the implementation a live Business Intelligence platform for Sunny Street – Note, not everyone will get in, as the team will need to be small and cross skilled..

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