Moon landing 50th anniversary Tableau Challenge

Moon landing 50th anniversary Tableau Challenge

Here are the vizzes, thanks everyone!


Filippo Mastroianni!/vizhome/TotheMoonMars-Historyofspaceexploration/MissionsSchema


Andy Holt!/vizhome/Missionstothemoon/Missionstothemoon


Boglarka Bihari!/vizhome/Luna_15644050266410/Dashboard


Ingrid Arreola!/vizhome/MissiontotheMoon/JourneytotheMoon?publish=yes


Baljinnyam Enkhtur!/vizhome/TableauMoonChallenge/Dashboard1


Kasia Gasiewska-Holc!/vizhome/FlymetotheMoon/FlymetotheMoon


Marco Motta!/vizhome/USAMoonMissions1960-1973/USAMoonMissions


Frederic Fery!/vizhome/DataMoonChallenge-Spaceinvader/Spaceinvaders?publish=yes



The team behind this:


  • To celebrate Apollo 11 moon landing 50 years anniversary, let’s have a bit of fun and create a data story around the various missions to the Moon.


  • No rules
  • Get data from Wikipedia below
  • Have fun vizzing
  • Publish your viz to Tableau public by 4th August
  • Submit your viz to this form if you want to be part of the review. We are thinking doing a viz review webinar

The data set:

Thanks Kasia for the suggestion (@bluedilphia) – if someone is keen to supply  an other data set, let me know via Twitter (@fredffery)


  • Use this #tableaumoon so we can track

Viz submission:


  • NO, just for fun
  • If someone knows someone from NASA, we can talk

After the challenge:

  • I’ll publish the Vizzes on this blog
  • If someone is keen to volunteer to review and give feedback, I’ll include this too
    • Update: Marco Motta has agreed to volunteer – someone else might be good too

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