Tableau Community activities to learn

I have already posted last year that i think Tableau absolutely rocks

At the time I wrote that I loved tableau because:

  • Tableau is changing student’s life (at the University I used to work for) – it also allowed me to connect and inspire the new generation of data professionals
  • It is a great software – I can use my curiosity and found out what is hiding in the data
  • I like the company values and I LOVE the Tableau community (see post)
  • I like the support Tableau provides to Education sector (free for students, staff…)

I really think the community makes Tableau stand out. A number of community activities are led by data enthusiasts and love to share their data passion and get people improve their data skills.

A recent MBA Tableau test drive I delivered prompted me to compile a small list of activities students could get involved for learning. Makeovermonday, Iron Viz quickly came to mind but thanks to a call out to the community again and a shared Google Sheet, I realised there was many more.

So here is it, this is a list of Tableau community (mostly) led activities you can get involved to either learn or build your dataviz brand.

Name of project


Contact detail

Community led projects
Makeover Monday is your weekly learning and development appointment with yourself and hundreds of passionate data people. For free! (this is paused but you can still use data from any week)
Make Over Monday #MakeoverMonday @TriMyData Weekly
Workout Wednesday is a set of weekly challenges from Tableau Ambassadors and Zen Masters
Workout Wednesday #WorkoutWednesday @Lorna_Eden, @AnnUJackson, @LukeStanke, @CurtisHarris_ Weekly
ThrowbackDataThursday provides a data set for you to explore, along with details on the provenance of the data source.
Throwback Data Thursday #ThrowbackThursday @TThrowbackThurs Weekly
Tableau Tip Tuesday is exactly what it says on the tin, a Tableau Tip every Tuesday. Andy and Lorna take it in turns to each record a video tip along with the Tableau workbook to allow people to learn
Tableau Tip Tuesday #TableauTipTuesday @Lorna_Eden, @VizWizBI Weekly
Iron Quest is a monthly community-led data visualization project which follows a similar format to the Tableau Iron Viz feeder competitions. Participants have a calendar month to source a suitable data set and then design, build and submit a data visualization.
Iron Quest #IronQuest @sarahlovesdata Monthly
TheSDGVizProject is a monthly challenge. For the next year and half, each month, the 3 of us (Vinodh, Jacqui, and Brian), will be leveraging data from the World Health Organization to build data visualizations focusing on one of the 17 goals.  We will also be sharing this data with the community, so you can join us on our SDG journey.
#TheSDGVizProject #TheSDGVizProject @BMooreWasTaken Monthly
The #SWDchallenge is a monthly challenge where you can practice and apply data visualization and storytelling skills.
SWD Challenge #SWDChallenge @storywithdata Monthly
ProjectHealthViz is a monthly project to visualize healthcare data. The objective is “to tell the stories of our health” and bring people together on a common humanizing theme of health. Data is posted monthly to and folks share their vizzes on social platforms using the hashtag and entering their submission into the submission tracker. Lindsay then writes a blog about the visualizations each month.
Project Health Viz #ProjectHealthViz @ZenDollData Monthly
DataFamCon This will be a monthly challenge with topics covering a wide range of the geeky world including TV Series, films, books, and even some data about geek culture and conventions itself
DataFamCon #DataFamCon @StyleSTEAMed @NicoleKlassen12 Monthly
Sports Viz Sunday is an initiative to encourage the creation and sharing of sports themed visualisations.
Sports Viz Sunday #SportsVizSunday @SimonBeaumont04  
Tableau Prep
PreppinData Challenge is a weekly challenge to manipulate a data set that Carl Allchin and Jonathan Allenby provide on their website
PreppinData #PreppinData @Datajedininja @jonathanallenby Weekly
Not for profits
Data for a Cause is an initiative that connects data visualization professionals with non-profits to help bring attention to social and environmental issues.
Data for a cause #DataForACause @OlgaTsubiks @dataforacause  
#VizforSocialGood helps mission-driven organizations to harness the power of data visualization for social change.
Viz for Social Good #VizforSocialGood @datachloe  
Tableau led
Iron Viz is a data visualization contest, giving you the opportunity to compete with data rockstars from around the world. The winners of a series of qualifier contests advance to the championship, a live competition at either Tableau Conference Europe or Tableau Conference.
Iron Viz #ironviz   Once per year
Not Tableau but good data challenges
Every month, DataViz Battle will challenge you to work with a new dataset. These challenges will range in difficulty, filesize, and analysis required. If you feel a challenge is too difficult for you this month, it’s likely next round will have better prospects in store.
DataViz Battle   @DataIsBeautiful Monthly
Every month, DataViz Battle will challenge you to work with a new dataset. These challenges will range in difficulty, filesize, and analysis required. If you feel a challenge is too difficult for you this month, it’s likely next round will have better prospects in store.
#Viz2educate   #Viz2educate Monthly
Each month, create vizzes on global education syllabus topics as resources for teachers worldwide.
Real World Fake Data   #RWFD Monthly
Create business dashboards using provided data sets for various industries and departments.
Diversity in Data   #DiversityinData Monthly
An initiative centered around diversity, equity & awareness by visualizing provided datasets each month. 
Games Night Viz   #GamesNightViz 6 weekly
GamesNightViz is a 6-weekly Tableau community project focusing on using data from your favourite games to improve your skills with data visualisation, data preparation and visual design, and maybe a winning strategy for your next game night (no guarantees! 

The Google Sheet link can be updated online.

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