Tableau data story telling day for QUT students report

On Monday the 1st of August 2017, 60 cross-discipline QUT students came together to tell stories using the data software Tableau.

Tableau is a business intelligence software that transforms data into actionable insights. Data presentation is a skill in high demand, having recently been identified by Linked In as a top skill employers need most in candidates.

The day was divided into an initial three-hour training session, followed by a data visualisation competition that challenged students to create a story involving a movie data set.

QUT Panel
Judging panel, from left: David Keys from Key Data Consulting, Chris Pidcock from Halfbrick Studios (makers of Fruit Ninja), and Amanda Gudmundsson from QUT Business School.

The winning team used the movie data set to create a predictive storytelling model that shared insights on keywords and gross income, budget and IMDB rating, and country of origin budget.

The judging panel were impressed with the quality of the presentations and techniques used to tell a story with data, with one judge expressing an interest in internships.

QUT Winning team
Winning team, from left: Samuel Gosling, Mattieu Galinski, Luke Ginn and Liam Norris

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with a post-event survey indicating that 100% of students feel Tableau data visualisation is relevant for their future career, and 100% would participate in the day again.

“Learning data analysis and ways to tell a story from data especially in business is very crucial!” said one.

Students felt the day was engaging, inspiring and enjoyable.

“It was really great. The presenter was fantastic and everything was really well organised and easy,” said another.

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