My first Tableau Viz of the Day VOTD

As often, I’m always very keen to learn and get involved in data visualisation community activities.

This month I decided to participate in the “DataViz Battle for the month of October 2019: Visualize the Jump-Scares for over 500 horror, thriller, and sci-fi Movies” organised on the dataisbeautiful site

To my surprise I was selected Viz of The Day on 31 Oct

Jump Scare
Jump Scare Viz Of the Day

Link to tableau visualisation:!/vizhome/DataVizbattleJumpscare500horormovies/DatavizbattleJumpscare

I got good feedback about the design, color choice. I am quite happy to the results, as i think it makes is easy for discover the data.

Some takeways:

  • keep design choice simple
  • don’t over do it – I was tempted to include many more things but held off to keep it simple
  • if you try something that doesn’t work, have a plan B – originally i wanted to have blood drops (aka  The Killing fields) but could not do a nice job technically, so came up with other options
  • ask your peers for feedback
  • you don’t need to like the topic or data. I am not a fan for horror movies at all!

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